WSC is Hiring a General Manager

Westmount Soccer Club is creating a new position of General Manager. The position will have day to day responsibility for running the club, reducing the burden on volunteers and ensuring that the club will continue to prosper in 2022 and beyond.

The General Manager will need good organisational and communication skills, and have experience working in a complex organisation. It is a part time home based position. The flexible work hours follow a seasonal pattern averaging one day per week over the year. The peak workload is in March-May when around 2 days per week are required. In the off season, it will occupy only a few hours per week. This is a paid position.

If you know anybody who may be interested, the job description and details of how to apply can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding the position, please don’t hesitate to contact

Soccer Quebec Club Certification

Westmount Soccer Club is going through the Soccer Quebec certification process this season. All clubs are required to follow this process. Our Club has applied for a ‘regional’ license.

An article published last week in La Presse reviews the objectives of the program. It also explains the intent of the CDC (centres de développement de club), and some of the implementation challenges for the clubs.

Coaches Wanted!

If you have experience playing competitive soccer, join us as a coach. Whether you are a parent , student or soccer fan, we can offer training to coach one of our teams.

Please contact

CDC Program Parents Meeting – April 27th

Thanks to those who attended the meeting with Sid Farah, our Technical Director and Erica Kim Lalonde, board member to learn more about the new CDC program. This was for parents of players on teams U12 and younger.

It is very important to visit the Soccer Quebec website to review theinformation about the CDC program as well as our own site to review the FAQsection .

For those unable to attend the meeting, the presentation can be viewed here

FAQ for 2021 Season

Please also consult our general FAQ page

  1. WHAT HEALTH MEASURES WILL BE FOLLOWED?:  We will follow carefully all measures mandated by The Quebec Government and Soccer Quebec. Current Covid rules (as of April 16) allow practices in groups of 8 keeping a 2m distance and wearing masks (mask rules are evolving and may not be required in some circumstances or for younger players). Form June 11 we will be able to practice as groups of up to 25. When games start will depend on when Montreal moves to the yellow zone. Handwashing, cleaning the ball and other protocols will also be in place.
  2. WHEN WILL THE SEASON START?:  For CDC age (U12 and under), orientation will start early May. Tryouts for older 11×11 teams will also start at this time, followed by training.
  3. WILL WE RECEIVE A FULL UNIFORM?: Yes. Uniforms are on order and will be issued before games start.
  4. WHEN WILL GAMES START? This will require changes to the current Government covid rules to allow competitive soccer to be played. We hope that this will be in June. In 2020, games started in July and the season ended in October.
  5. WILL THE SOCCER RULES BE CHANGED ONCE GAMES START?  In 2020, regular soccer rules were followed, with players encouraged to minimise contact.
  6. WHAT ABOUT THE CURFEW? If the curfew is in place, evening training will stop in good time to allow players and coaches to get home before curfew.
  7. IS IT TOO LATE TO JOIN A TEAM? All of our 11×11 Teams are now full Most of our CDC age teams are also full, but a couple of slots are still open. Contact us.
  8. WHAT IS THE CDC? All players U12 and under will part of our CDC program. This is a Soccer Quebec program for development of younger players, and games. There are not tryouts for this program. Places are first come first served. All parents of CDC players will be invited to a Zoom information session.
  9. WHERE WILL WE BE PLAYING?: Initially, all activities will be on the Junior Fields in Westmount Park.
  10. WHEN WE WILL PRACTICES BE?: Until June 24, we expect to only have access to our fields Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sundays. After that, we will also have access during the week as well. A schedule of games will be issued by your team manager on Teamlinkt once the season is ready to start.
  11. WHAT IS TEAMLINKT? This is the team management app that we will be using. It handles all communication between the coaches, managers and players. It is where players will find the schedule for practices and games, indicate their availability and find out which players are rostered on and off. Expect an invitation to join Teamlinkt soon.
  12. WHAT HAPPENED TO TEAMSTUFF? Unfortunately, the company is no longer in business.
  13. I ORDERED APPAREL (HOODIE/SHORTS/BALL/SOCKS), WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY ITEM? All items are currently on order and will be distributed upon receipt, expected mid-May timeframe.
  14. I WANT TO PLAY ON THE SAME TEAM AS MY FRIEND/CLASSMATE, CAN YOU PLACE US TOGETHER? This is an intercity competitive soccer program, selection of players and team formation is not based on friendship. You will make friends with your new teammates. Request for pairing players will not be considered.
  15. WHAT TEAMS WILL BE OFFERED IN 2021? Details are in the post on enrollment

If you don’t find the answer to your questions here, please contact

WSC Sponsors: Thank You!

Words cannot express the appreciation we have for our sponsors! We have been incredibly lucky to have maintained the support of such wonderful members of our community throughout the past year. WSC Soccer is not possible without their generous contributions!

Thanks to our sponsors we are able to field 10+ teams and provide an opportunity for 250+ players each Summer to engage in the sport we all love.

From the players, parents, coaches, board members, and Westmount Soccer community; we Thank You for your continued support and we will make you proud this 2021 Season!

Special Thanks to our overall sponsor: Bitumar

Special Thanks to our Jersey Sponsors: Standpro, CIBC Jim Wilson, Metro Logistics & Korne Ortho

Special Thanks to our Web Sponsors: Meldrum & Bob Johnson!

Westmount Soccer Club New Logo!

It is with great honour that we unveil the new Westmount Soccer Club logo. Our new crest will make its debut Summer 2021 and we cannot wait for the season that comes with it.

We would like to thank all members of our Westmount Soccer community that participated in our Logo challenge. We had twenty (20) wonderful submissions, all of them were creative and great options to choose from; it made the final voting very difficult! However, only one could be chosen; drumroll please!

Congratulations to Emel! Emel’s family was highly involved in Westmount Soccer Club, her boys played with us, and her son Deniz played from 2018 – 2020 for the U11/U12/U13 teams. Emel was also a team manager for the U11 team and very involved in the Organization as an active parent volunteer. Emel’s family has relocated to Ankara, Turkey, for the next few years and will be greatly missed! We wish you all well and we cannot wait to see you and your wonderful family upon your return! Thank You again for your Logo submission and lasting impact on Westmount Soccer Club! Congratulations!

We would also like to thank our graphic designer for her efforts in bringing our logo to life! You can take a look at Jodie Hebert’s work online here!

And now, without further delay, we would like to present to you our new Westmount Soccer Club logo:

Sid Soccer: Session #2!

OUR DREAMS CAME TRUE and Sid has created a second video!

Sid is continuing his sessions online for improving your ball control. For the structure of the sessions (water breaks, timing, etc.) please refer to his first amazing video here.

For moves #11 through to #20, please go to his new video


Some of you may wonder “what’s the point of doing this?” The answer is simple: Why not? Summer 2020 is a unique summer and COVID-19 cannot take away your passion for something you love; it’s not just about improving your ball control, it is about doing what you can to find that happy place: a green space with a soccer ball at your feet.

Tag us in your posts if you do the training sessions! And coaches, are you also keeping your skills fresh?

Stay Safe!

Your WSC Team





Sid Soccer: Improve your ball control!

Are we lucky or what? Our absolutely amazing Technical Director, Sid, created a fantastic video on a 10 minute training session working on ball control. It incorporates everything from a warm-up to drills to dynamic stretching, to even providing some alternate solutions for our younger kids (i.e. using your hands to maximize touches on the ball with your feet).

All you need is a soccer ball, 4 cones (or anything that can act like one), and a small space inside or outside. Sid explains what needs to be done on the screen and has provided a wonderful soundtrack to keep the focus as well.

The only thing we are worried about is that at the end of the video, Sid may have broken his camera – is the camera OK Sid? If not, we will buy you a new one because we can’t wait for video #2 (no pressure)!

Thank You Sid for making this video and we hope everyone enjoys it!


Sid juggling a soccer ball