The Westmount Soccer Club is a parent run organisation, and needs volunteers to coach and administer the teams.

We have 3 specific positions open for the 2018 season.

Equipment Manager

This position is responsible for ordering all equipment from our suppliers:

  • Uniforms
  • Optional equipment e.g. tracksuits, bags and hoodies
  • Coaches’ clothing
  • Other equipment e.g. balls, corner  flags, coaching equipment

Responsibilities include:

  • Supplier selection (if necessary)
  • Sponsorship logos
  • Placing orders (sizes etc.)
  • Approval of invoices for payment
  • Organising orders from players for optional equipment and distribution

We have 2 main suppliers.

This position takes time from February to April ordering uniforms, and organising orders for optional equipment in May,  It should not take any time after this.

Sponsorship Manager

Sponsorship accounts for almost 20% of the total budget of the club.  Currently we have six sponsors:

  • Working with existing sponsors to renew
  • Identifying new potential sponsors
  • Defining sponsorship package, exposure, pricing
  • Offer letters
  • Obtaining logos , format, size and placement.
  • Coordinating printing with the Equipment Manager
  • Invoicing and collection of payment

This position will take some time mainly from December to March.

Fields Manager

The City of Westmount makes the fields available to us from early May for games and practices.  From March until early May, we also rent indoor and artificial fields for tryouts and practices.

  • Defining field allocation for the season with the City in January.
  • Coordinating availability with the league for game scheduling.  (The league will set up the game schedule for us based on our availability)
  • Renting indoor/artificial fields in pre-season  (reservations, contract, payment)
  • Coordinating practice schedule with technical director
  • Managing any field issues (eg lines, grass cutting) if there are problems with the City
  • Communicating field closures/cancelled games with the league and coaches
  • Rescheduling cancelled games.

This position will take some time from March to August, mainly getting things setup from March to May.  After this, the field manager would only be involved handling any problems, or if games are cancelled.


We are looking for coaches.  Ideally coaches will have a good technical knowledge of the game, and have played competitively.  Each team need a minimum of 2 coaches, preferable 3.   Teams also require a team manager responsible for administration.  Coaches in  previous years have included parents, students and soccer enthusiasts.

We also seek volunteers to help in the running of the club, schedule games or able to offer legal/finance/administration skills.  Please complete the form below to register as a volunteer.