1. WHAT HEALTH MEASURES WILL BE FOLLOWED?:  We will follow carefully all measures mandated by The Quebec Government and Soccer Quebec.
  2. WHEN WILL THE SEASON START?:  For CDC age (U12 and under), orientation will start early May. Tryouts for older 11×11 teams will also start at this time, followed by training.
  3. WILL WE RECEIVE A FULL UNIFORM?: Yes. Uniforms are on order and will be issued before games start.
  4. IS IT TOO LATE TO JOIN A TEAM? For 11×11 teams U13 and older, players can still register and will be invited to tryouts. Most of our CDC age teams are full, but a couple of slots are still open. Details here .
  5. WHAT IS THE CDC? All players U12 and under will part of our CDC program. This is a Soccer Quebec program for development of younger players, and games. There are not tryouts for this program. Places are first come first served. All parents of CDC players will be invited to a Zoom information session.
  6. WHERE WILL WE BE PLAYING?: Initially, all activities will be on the Junior Fields in Westmount Park.
  7. WHEN WE WILL PRACTICES BE?: Until June 24, we expect to only have access to our fields Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sundays. After that, we will also have access during the week as well. A schedule of games will be issued by your team manager on Teamlinkt once the season is ready to start.
  8. WHAT IS TEAMLINKT? This is the team management app that we will be using. It handles all communication between the coaches, managers and players. It is where players will find the schedule for practices and games, indicate their availability and find out which players are rostered on and off. Expect an invitation to join Teamlinkt soon.
  9. DOES THE WESTMOUNT SOCCER CLUB REPLACE THE WESTMOUNT CITY SPRING PROGRAM?:  No.  The two programs are totally separate and run in parallel until June 24. Players are allowed to participate in both programs.
  10. DO I STILL NEED TO REGISTER WITH THE WESTMOUNT CITY SPRING PROGRAM IF I AM REGISTERED WITH THE WESTMOUNT SOCCER CLUB?: Yes. You must register with the City program if you would like to participate in that program.
  12. CAN I COACH MY SONS/DAUGHTERS TEAM?Definitely. We are looking for parents, particularly who have experience playing competitive soccer, to coach.
  13. WE TAKE OFF FOR THE COUNTRY FOR 6 WEEKS  IN THE SUMMER.  CAN MY SON/DAUGHTER PLAY A HALF SEASON?: Unfortunately, because of the limited numbers on the roster, we need players to be available for at least half of the season.
  14. WHEN ARE THE TRYOUTS?: For players born 2010 and after, Soccer Quebec mandates that there will be no tryouts, although there may be an orientation session to ensure that this is the correct programme for players. For teams U13 and above, there will be tryouts as necessary.
  15. WHEN ARE GAMES PLAYED?: We expect that most games for teams up to U12 will be played at the weekend.  For U13 and up, most games should be on weekdays.
  16. DO I HAVE TO PAY BEFORE THE TRYOUTS / ORIENTATION? Yes. All players must enroll with a team to participate. If you are not in a position to pay the fees, please contact info@westmountsoccer.org and we can look for a solution to help you play soccer.
  17. WHEN WILL GAMES AND PRACTICES TAKE PLACE? During the overlap with the Westmount City Spring Program, field availability is very limited: Practices will probably be on friday evenings and/or sundays. After St Jean Baptiste, we will have a much more field time which gives us flexibility to schedule practices. For away games, we have to fit in with the host teams field schedule.
  18. WHERE DO THE TEAMS PLAY? The U8/U9/U10 teams will be 7-a-side playing games on the small junior fields. U11/U12 will play 9-a-side on the full junior field. U13 and older are full 11-a-side with match games played on the main field in Westmount Park. Our Adult team may play all games away.
  19. WHAT DOES U12 MEAN: Soccer Quebec uses the age on January 1 as the criterion for selection for teams.  For the 2022 season, U12 means Under 12 on January 1 2022.
  20. MY SON/DAUGHTER IS REALLY GOOD. CAN S/HE PLAY FOR A TEAM OF AN OLDER AGE GROUP?  Players will be registered on the team that is appropriate for their age group. This makes our teams as competitive as possible. During tryouts/orientation, the Technical Director and coaches will carefully evaluate each player. In a few cases, very strong players may be asked to play for the older age group teams, or play as ‘call-ups’ from time to time.
  21. CAN I PLAY FOR NDG AND WESTMOUNT?: No, not in the same season
  22. WHAT TIME COMMITMENT DOES IT TAKE?:  In a normal year, we averaged 1 – 2 practices and one game each week from June to September.
  23. WHAT HAPPENS IF TOO MANY PLAYERS REGISTER?:  For U13 and over, there will be tryouts to select eligible players for the intercity teams. If we have too many eligible players and enough committed coach volunteers, we may be able to add additional teams or change the age ranges. For U8-U12, it will be on a first come first served basis.
  24. WHY IS REGISTRATION SO EARLY?  The club needs to commit teams to the Lac St Louis league early in 2022. In order to do this, we need to assess how many interested players we have in each age group.
  25. IS IT SUPER COMPETITIVE? For the younger teams, the emphasis is on player development, teamwork and making sure the players have fun playing the game. For teams U12 and younger, games are formally refereed, but the league does not publish the scores or keep a league table. As the players get older, the league does become  competitive with a published league table from U13 upwards, and playoffs. All of our teams play to win, but the coaches ensure that the players develop and have a positive experience, win or lose, at all ages.
  26. WHAT HAPPENS IF I AM NOT SELECTED FOR A TEAM: We will provide a full refund if the player is not selected.