Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct for Players and Parents

The Westmount Soccer Club (WSC) is an independent parent run organization aimed at developing competitive soccer skills for boy and girl players. In this context, the devotion of everyone to the values of respect and engagement will help achieve our mission. This ethical code summarize the responsibilities of the players and the parents.

 As a player of WSC, I commit:

 To respect …

  • The rules of the game and embrace fair play.
  • My uniform which represent the spirit and the values of the club.
  • My coaches and the managers of teams as well as any people that are involved in the club.
  • Referees and their decisions. I understand that only captains and coaches are eligible to speak to referees.
  • My opponents, their parents and their club.

To be present, punctual and ready to play; in other words…

  • To come to all the practices and games that I am called up to.
  • To respect the rules of vacations and absenteeism that the coach has established.
  • To inform the coach of any absence or delay as soon as possible.
  • To have all the equipment for practices and games as well as arriving 10 minutes before practices and 45 minutes before games time.

To do my best; in other words…

  • To have a positive attitude and to embrace team spirit and fair play.
  • To take the challenge of exercise during practice and game situations.
  • To not give up or get discouraged.
  • To have an exemplary attitude without any physical or verbal violence.
  • To listen to my coaches and be ready to play my role during practices and games at all time.
  • To keep a positive attitude in victory as well as in defeat.
  • To encourage my teammates and help each other to improve individually and collectively.

I understand that if I don’t respect my engagements I will be losing my privileges as a player. The consequence can go from losing game time to suspension from practices and games ( In extreme cases, it can go up to missing a complete season)

As a parent of a WSC player, I engage:

To respect …

  • Referees and their decisions, the opponents, the parents and their club. Remember without an opponent there is no game.
  • The coaches’ decisions towards my kids and their teams.

To support your kids AND their team, in other words …

  • To be an example by my attitude and promote fair play and team spirit to my kids.
  • To make sure my kids are on time (10 minutes before practice and 45 minutes before games) and well equipped for practices and games and ready to play.
  • To inform the coach of any injury or health problem that can have an impact on my kids during the activities with their team.
  • To support my kids in their time management for the soccer activity and attend as many games as possible.
  • To support my kids and their team during games and practices.
  • To be humble in victory and objective in defeat.
  • To congratulate my kids for their efforts and for showing a positive attitude and fair play.
  • To help my kids understand their role and the importance of their contribution to the team by highlighting their progress instead on focusing on results.
  • To not force my kids to play competitive soccer against his will.

In any circumstances, I cannot …

  • Enter the field or approach the bench of the players during games, except at the request of the referee, the manger or the coach.
  • Offend referees or criticize their decisions, or the coach’s decisions during games or practices. Parents are welcome to come discuss any situation with the coaches as long as there are no players present. However, it is recommended to wait 24 hours after a game to reflect on it (depending on the situation).
  • To coach my kids during games or practices. Kids have to concentrate on their team, their role on the field and the instruction given by the coach.

I understand that if I don’t respect my responsibilities as a parent, the club may ask me to stop attending team activities and my kids can lose his privileges as a player of WSC. The consequence can go from losing game time to suspension from practices and games ( In extreme cases, it can go up to missing a complete season)