Westmount Soccer Update + Registration

Dear Parents and Players, 

With the recent information provided by Soccer Quebec and the Quebec Government, we have updated our club’s plan for the Summer 2020 season.  

All clubs within the Lac St-Louis (LSL) regional league will begin Phase One (1) on:

  • U12 & Younger (2008 – 2013): Start the week of June 22, 2020. 
  • U13 & Older (2007 – 2002) Start the week of June 29, 2020 (subject to enough players to form teams). 


Practices Games 
Phase 1 (P1) X
Phase 2 (P2) Within training group only (Intra-group)
Phase 3 (P3) Across age groups within club (Intra-club)
Phase 4 (P4) Competitive soccer (Inter-club)


For complete details of each phase, please refer to the PLAN DE REPRISE

DES ACTIVITÉS DE SOCCER issued by Soccer Quebec on May 14, 2020.

Previously, we had not planned to reach P4 but Soccer Quebec anticipates a rapid transition to P4 and has tentatively set a start date of July 10th for full intercity games. Our season of twelve (12) to fourteen (14) games would continue to mid-October.

Kindly note that we have maintained our pre-COVID fees in order to create and deliver a quality development and competitive programs. 


  • U8 and younger: $275.00 
  • U9 and older: $350.00 


If P4 does not begin by July 26th, we will continue with the development program outlined in P1 to P3 and provide a $100.00 refund of your registration fees. 

We ask all players to commit to this season with the objective of playing at P4 and fully participate in the development program as they would normally treat regular practices. 

We wish to submit the following teams this summer: 


Boys: U8 U10  U11 U12 U13 U14 U16 U18
Girls: U8 U10  U12 U14


Enrollment and Payment

U12 and under (those born in 2008 – 2013):

  • Enrollment and Registration will start at 19h00 on Monday, June 15
  • Registration ends on June 18th at 12h00 (noon) or earlier if all spots are filled 

U13 and older (those born in 2007-2002):

  • Enrollment and Registration will start at 19h00 on Thursday, June 18
  • Registration ends on June 20th at 12h00 (noon) or earlier if all spots are filled  


Payment Link HereReserve a spot on the roster based on your child’s year of birth. 

Registration Form Here – Please sign/scan and send to info@westmountsoccer.org upon completing payment. 



Payment start Registration Form  Training 
U12 & Younger

(2008 – 2013)

June 15 June 18 Week of June 22
U13 & Older


June 18 June 26 Week of June 29


In order to ensure the success of our launch, we ask our parents and players to review and commit to the following mandatory rules and procedures: 


Players U12 and Younger: 

  • Parents must check-in players at each training session. Parents are required to answer the mandatory questions concerning their child’s health. If a child arrives without his/her parent to check-in, he/she will not be permitted to practise. There are no exceptions. 
  • Parents must remain within the field’s vicinity (but not in the enclosed space) for the duration of the training session. Due to emergency situations (i.e. thunderstorm, injury, etc.) or the need to use a washroom, players will be sent to their parents.  
  • Coaches, board members and administrators will assume responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of players during training sessions only. When the training session ends, players must immediately exit the field and return to their parents/guardians. 
  • Training sessions are limited to ten (10) players per group. Each player is required to bring his/her own ball (you may purchase a ball if needed) and a water bottle. Players may bring a small gym bag or tote on the field, to be left in a designated area. 


Players U13 and Older:

  • Players are permitted to answer questions concerning their own health. 
  • In the event of an emergency where players must leave the designated area, they will not be supervised by a coach, administrator, or board member. 
  • Training sessions are limited to fifteen (15) players per group. Each player is required to bring his/her own ball and a water bottle. Players may bring a small gym bag or tote on the field, to be left in a designated area.


Proper signage, hand washing/sanitizing stations, clean equipment and procedures will be implemented on site to ensure every player’s safety. 


Zoom Meeting Q & A with Westmount Soccer Club: 

  • When: Jun 16, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
  • Register in advance for this meeting Here


Thank you for your continued support of Westmount Soccer Club.

See you on the field,

Your WSC Team




    • No.  Everything is subject to government and city approval.  
    • The teams will depend on how many players make registration payments before the deadline.  The club may require combining teams if some don’t have enough players

For the complete list of FAQ’s please visit our website here