U15 Boys in Playoff Finals

A2018091522362796-IMG_2116fter experiencing highs and lows during the regular season, a series of serendipitous events allowed U15M to find themselves in an enviable position, playing for gold.

The late summer sun was hot and bright last Saturday afternoon, a perfect accompaniment to enjoy the game as a spectator and cheer on this group of amazing players.U15M tropy

It was a slow start and our team seemed tentative. An early goal by Ile-Bizard sent our team scrambling to find a way to gain control. Early into the first half, play stopped when a player from the opposing team suffered a serious injury. When play resumed almost an hour later, our boys attempted to gain momentum and play hard, despite the heat and anxious wait. A second goal by Ile-Bizard in the shortened second half did not deter our boys. The aggressive plays which ensued were displays of strategic passing in the hopes of finally scoring. And then, a lobbed ball finally connected with Loic, who dribbled through the defence and shot it high in the corner … goal!

Alas, time was not on our side. After the drama and adrenaline, it was a 2-1 final and silver medals for U15M.

Congratulations Coach Sid, Coach Eric and team members for bringing a trophy home to Westmount. We commend you for your efforts and passion for the game.

See you all next season!

Thanks to Vasili of  http://www.vasiliosphotography.com for the great photos.